Best Arm Exercises for a Powerful Swing

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Hitting those home runs all the time is the dream and getting to them requires some exercise from you.  Having a strong arm is critical to any baseball player.  But this is true not only when it comes to batting but in pretty much any positions you play, catcher, pitcher, and fielding.

The following are some great exercises to help you grow a powerful baseball swing.  All you need is persistence and hard work.

Bench Press

Lie on the bench press and grab that bar to work on your triceps.  Get a grip on the bars at shoulder width to apply more stress on your triceps to strengthen them.  Start with a small weight and slowly bring the bar to your chest and slowly lifting it up.  You can add more weight once you feel you can take it.

Start with 3 to 5 sets every day.

Long-Distance Throwing

It is imperative for you to practice long-distance throwing since in baseball you will be required to make throws at 30 feet, sometimes at 60 or even at 90 feet.   Practice throwing the ball at these distances a few times every week.   Make 20-30 throws for every distance.  This will ensure that you have enough arm force to make large throws.

Wrist Throwing

It is pretty simple:  if you have enough wrist strength, you will be able to throw harder, quicker, and farther.  This is why it is so important to exercise your wrists.

There is a very simple exercise that will strengthen your wrist tremendously.  Place your arm up at a 90-degree angle from your shoulder and hold a baseball on your hand.  Hold the elbow with the other hand and throw the baseball without moving your arm, only your wrist.

Try this exercise several times a week and you will add strength to your wrist in little time.


This is traditionally one of the best and simplest ways to add arm strength.  Regular push-ups every day will add to your arm strength tremendously.  Separate your palms at shoulder distance and on the floor.  Lie flat on the floor holding your legs with your toes.  Lift yourself up all the way through the length of your arms.  Then, slowly come down and then back up.  Three pushups every day will help you build great arm power.

Fast Tossing

With fast tossing, you increase your strength and you also practice your throws.  You will need a partner for this one.  Basically, your friend will toss a ball to you and you will toss it back.  Do this at a fast pace at a distance of 10 feet from each other.  This exercise will build strength for your arms as in a real game.

Go on now into building that strength power.  If you feel like you could use a good coach, there a personal trainer Calgary for you to help you out with it.