How to Swing a Bat Without Injuring Your Back

Do you love baseball? But are you also suffering from poor back health? Chiropractic services in Vancouver have been receiving patients lately who are baseball players.

Although not exactly a contact sport, baseball has been known to imperil the back greatly. The extreme motion of pitching and swinging the bat puts the player at great risk of back injury. This is mostly caused by wrong mechanics in delivering the motion.

Baseball and its Relationship to Back Pain

As already mentioned, baseball has been associated with back pains. The swing, which is done at high speed causes tremendous strain to the back leading to spasm and other injuries. This motion can also cause strain to the tendons which connect the back muscles to the skeletal system. This injury can be exacerbated by poor warm up and conditioning and wrong mechanics.

Muscle Injury Caused by Strain

So what are you to do if you experience injuries associated with batting? If it happens, you have to inform your medical provider or a chiropractic care practitioner. Allow your muscles some rest and time to heal itself and avoid activities that will only worsen the injuries. An ice pack is always a good idea to relieve some of the pain and your doctor may prescribe some pain medications. After several days, if you feel like your injury has healed a bit, you can gradually increase your activities.

How to Avoid Back Muscle Injuries Associated with Batting

Being in good condition to play baseball is key to avoiding injuries to your back. Your back must be ready or strong enough to withstand the stress that you’re about to subject it to. Here are some tips:

  1. Know your physical condition

Consult your doctor to see if you’re in the condition to engage in an activity as strenuous as baseball. If you’re not fit to engage in this activity, forcing the matter will only cause a lot of injuries.

  1. Strengthen your core

The core is your center of gravity. To prevent damage due to repetitive motion, it must be strong enough to withstand the stress that it will be subjected to. Ask your fitness instructor for some ab workout program and start working.

  1. Start swimming

Swimming is a gentle, low-impact sport that has been known to be good for the back. Even a short time at the pool will already go far to condition your back and your core. Swimming is also a good aerobic exercise and that you can use as part of your cross training program.

  1. Warm up and stretch

To avoid pulled muscle injuries, you have to be properly warmed-up and stretched. Some of those who immediately engage in any sport forget to warm up only to suffer injuries later on.

  1. Proper posture

Improper posture has been known to cause injuries in the back. When you bat at an awkward position, expect to pull a muscle as a result.

With these tips, you can be sure to avoid potential injuries.

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